Relocation Complete!


This is it! I am officially a west-coaster! The relocation that I have been talking about on here and to my friends over the past year has officially happened, and I couldn’t be more excited about what this new adventure holds. My job at Centre Theatre Group starts in one week, and I will be stage managing God’s Man in Texas (written by David Rambo and directed by Nancy Youngblut) at the Sierra Madre Playhouse. Auditions are in two weeks, and rehearsals start at the end of January. Like I said, I am excited about this new adventure and cannot wait to see where it all goes from here!! I hope everyone is having a marvelous time this holiday season!


Refreshing Rehearsals


Tonight we set up the rehearsal space with QLab for sound cues. Talk about AMAZING additions to rehearsal! We have a limited rehearsal time with an even more limited tech time – 9 rehearsals and 5 hours for tech, and then straight into performances the very next day! Needless to say I was stressing about timing of cues and whatnot…. So now, now I do not have to worry. I have QLab in the rehearsal space for the next three rehearsals before we move into the space for tech. What a life saver!! There are noticeable improvements already! Why didn’t we think of this sooner?!

The Overlap…

Things are winding down over here in SC. November closed this past Saturday (with a nearly sold out house). Productions like November amuse me not by how many tickets are sold for the production, but by the number of people who walk out during intermission. Granted, we all know that students walk out of productions at intermission either because they are unaware that the intermission is a break and not the end or because they were merely attending in order to fulfill some requirement for a course. On our second night, with a sold out house of 127, we lost 16 people at intermission. 16! People we were able to talk to stated it was language or content that was the reason for their departure. It goes to show… no matter how many signs you post or how many times the box office staff states the warning on the content, some people just need to see it for themselves in order to understand.

The week before we closed November rehearsals for Lamplight & Shadow began. Now… it has always been a “fun” bit to tease actors by saying “we open next week”… well… I can’t say that with this cast. No, seriously… WE OPEN NEXT WEEK!

Lamplight & Shadow opens at The Gunter Theatre Monday, 19 November with 2 performances on Monday and 2 on Tuesday for local high school.

Time for rehearsal… 🙂


A Summary, if you will…

In August I joined the crew of The Rocky Horror Show at The Warehouse Theatre as both assistant stage manager and spot light operator. I wish I could put into words how much fun I had working on that production. We sold out every performance! That was 16 shows with 160+ audience members screaming out “slut,” “asshole,” and “-bater” whenever the opportunity arose. Somewhere around the middle of the run the phrase “slut-hole” was adapted by our audiences whenever Brad & Janet were said too fast for “slut” and “asshole” to be said as separate words. I think it is safe to say you understand how much fun our cast had with this new creation.

During the third week of performances I joined the production team as stage manager of The Warehouse Theatre’s production of November. I am thrilled to be a part of this production team! Mamet is one of my favorite playwrights, and I have been wanting to be able to work with Jayce Tromsness for years in order to learn more from him. I have seen his work as playwright and as actor, but never as director. I love to learn from and observe directors and their process, and Jayce is one of those directors I can honestly say I am truly excited to be able to learn from.

After November closes I will begin work as stage manager on The Warehouse Theatre’s education outreach production of Lamplight & Shadow (written by Jayce Tromsness). I’m excited to be working on this production again, and cannot wait to dive back into the works and world of Edgar Allan Poe.
Stay tuned folks… things get interesting when one starts to juggle productions.

This Night

Today I attended a performance of The Distracted Globe’s production of Twelfth Night, or What You Will. Having sat in on many rehearsals, there were little to no surprises left for me as an audience member. Yet… There were. Something can be said for the effects of adding an audience, finishing costumes, and embracing a performance. At the same time, though it begs the question… Was the energy of the cast affected by the understanding and vocality of the audience, or did the audience understand and were they vocal because of the energy of the cast?? Either way, it was an amazing performance. Malvolio stole the show. Sir Andrew won our hearts, and silently our pity. And the leads weaved us a web that was a joy to be entangled in.

Go see it. Trust me on this.

A Conversation While…

I have rejoined the creative team of A Conversation Whileas… well, just about anything they need me to do. I am hoping to take this time to learn as much as I can from Stephen Boatright and Adrian Vanderbosch about the intricacies of camera work. Preferrably as assistant director, producer, etc… you know, something behind the camera. However, in the latest installment of A Conversation While… what they needed most was an extra body. Needless to say, I have found that I am not all too comfortable in front of the camera, but I will do what I need to help along this wonderful series.

A few weeks ago we all met up very very late (having all arrived at 11pm…), and began filming a promo video for our Mobcaster campaign. In short, we are trying to make Conversation a full length series instead of 5minute episodes, but we need everyone’s help to do so. Please check out our campaign, and help us if you can — donate, spread the word, whatever you can do will help more than you will ever know!!

Twelfth Night

The Distracted Globe’s production of Twelfth Night opens this Saturday evening and runs through 4 August. For tickets and reservations call The Warehouse Theatre box office at (864) 235-6948.

Stage director Jerrold Scott and leaders of the Distracted Globe Theatre Company believe they’ve come up with a perfect concept for Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.”

A steampunk design.

The steampunk style combines edgy elements of Victorian history with science fiction and technology.

It’s an ideal set-and-costume design for Shakespeare’s comic fantasy about a group of people trying to escape reality, Scott says.

Scott’s production of “Twelfth Night” opens at the Warehouse Theatre on Saturday for nine performances through Aug. 4.

“Steampunk is an idealized version of the Victorian industrial revolution,” Scott says. “Steampunk is all the nice things the industrial revolution was supposed to bring us and none of the ugly. It doesn’t explore the pollution and poverty. It just has beautiful silhouettes and fun mechanical gizmos. We use it as a metaphor for the world of ‘Twelfth Night,’ which is too perfect and detached.”

To read more on the production follow the link to GreenvilleOnline

Distracted Summer

As I no longer have days off (oh, the joys of working 2 jobs), I have developed a habit of spending my evenings off sitting in on The Distracted Globe’s summer rehearsals of Twelfth Night at The Warehouse Theatre (directed by Jerry Scott). The cast is huge, and I have had a blast watching the talents of actors I do not know and exploring the depths of the talent of actors I know well.

Jerry Scott is a splendid director. His methods are fun and easily grasped by his actors. I worked as his assistant director years ago, and can honestly say I have and continue to learn loads from him.

Twelfth Night opens next week at The Warehouse Theatre. Details to come!!! You don’t want to miss this steampunk rendition!

The 39 Steps

For the past week or so I have been enjoying my time with The Warehouse Theatre’s production of The 39 Steps (based on Hitchcock’s film of the same name). My “crew partner” and I handle the dry ice effects, shadow puppets and even have our moments on stage. And yes, we have a blast doing it. Since I joined the crew, I have said a million times and will continue to do so — I think this may be the one show in which the crew has more fun than the cast. There are 4 cast members and (including SM, TD and board ops) there are 11 crew members… 11!

The 39 Steps opened this past Friday evening and runs through 12 May. Tickets, times and info can be found at

The Warehouse Theatre’s “39 Steps,” which opened Friday night, is a giddy romp, a breathlessly paced delight from beginning to end.

Director Chip Egan’s frothy and inventive staging of Patrick Barlow’s play, based on Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 film noir, sparkles with witty and stylish performances by a quartet of some of the Upstate’s finest actors.

Continue reading Paul Hyde’s review

Barefoot in the Park

Last weekend I went to see a a friend’s production of Barefoot in the Park (she played Corrie). Now, normally when I see a production I write about it. I over analyze it, chew on it, and spit out my thoughts here for reading. I must admit though, that critiquing a community theatre production just seems… low.

There is one thing I must say though…Who was the director?!?! Trust me, I wish I was joking, but the sad truth is the program does not mention who the elusive director was. The program proudly lists the Producing Director, Artistic Director and Associate Director, but not once does it actually say who directed the production. It took having to ask my friend in order to find out.

I believe they can chalk that one up as a proof reading fail.